Platform incompatibilities. Servers that buckle. Bad user reactions. They’re what keep elearning professionals up at night and some of the hardest things for us to test.

eLearning programs take months to create, but everything you work for comes down to one moment: Launch Day. Launch successfully and learners will sing your praises and business capabilities will improve. Hit catastrophic issues and everyone will hear that the training is bad. You’re only as good as your latest project, so that latest project had better be great.
eLearningQA can help your team get elearning launches right by taking care of user and performance testing. Can you do load testing to make sure your LMS can handle the surge of users you get on launch day? What about performing robust usability testing with unbiased testers? Can you test on multiple platforms to make sure your global or BYOD audience can access your elearning? We give you and your stakeholders the reassurance you need that your elearning program will work for your audience—on launch day and beyond.


Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. Then there’s Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari… the list goes on. How many platforms are you testing? And are you just testing the login page in a few browsers or are you clicking through and testing for  issues across multiple browsers and operating systems? With the rise of BYOD policies, your elearning needs to work on every possible learner device. We’ll test your elearning objects on the most popular platforms using a combination of automated and manual testing. We’ll even send you a report of errors and screenshots when we run into layout problems.


Usability testing can give you and your stakeholders reassurance that your elearning is easy to use and accessible to learners. Testing usability before launch can reduce overall costs, improve learner satisfaction and increase learning.
Unfortunately, everyone involved in producing an elearning program is too close to it to test it objectively. Even if you can recruit some testers from your audience, do you have a usability testing platform to capture their feedback? Give them too much instruction  and suddenly you’re coaching them. Let us take care of it instead—we’ll find testers that fit the right demographic and we’ll provide the instructions. We’ll even capture their testing session with screen and audio recording!


Your elearning is the most vulnerable on the same day that your user load is the highest—Launch Day. When the announcement email goes out, thousands of users might sign in to the LMS within a few minutes of each other. Can your servers handle the strain? We can tell you. Our load testing platform can test with 50 simultaneous users—or even 5,000.


Want an opinion on your elearning from industry peers? We can help! We have nothing invested in your project so we can be brutally honest. We also know what we’re talking about. We’re Uncanny Owl, and we’re a boutique elearning firm in Toronto. Our 2 principal consultants have a combined 20 years of elearning experience, a Gold Award from the Canadian Society for Training & Development, a Master’s in Learning & Technology, a PMP, and lots of industry experience leading elearning projects for companies like Google, CIBC, Boeing, and many more. Let us help you.


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